Shared Conference Facilities

Courtyard Area and New Campus Park

Upgraded Building Eateries At Each Building

10,000 SF Fitness Center

Outdoor Entertainment Area With Campus Wi-Fi

Rooftop Deck

Grub Burger Bar with Expandable Patio Seating

Urban-amenitized campus, including DART light-rail access, perfect for millennial recruitment and retention

Convenience. Connectivity.

The new Energy Square will be a Class A office campus with comforts and conveniences that rival those of Fortune 500 campuses.

No matter which building you choose for your company, you’ll find a great variety of campus-wide amenities accessible to all tenants, including:

  • New in-building eateries at each building
  • Shared conference facilities
  • Courtyard area and new campus park
  • 10,000 SF fitness center
  • Outdoor entertainment area with campus Wi-Fi
  • Rooftop deck
  • Grub Burger Bar with expandable patio seating
  • Convenient access to Central Market

Comforts and conveniences that rival those of Fortune 500 campuses.

Within 1 mile of Energy Square, you’ll find:


Gyms and Fitness Centers


Restaurants and Bars


Shopping/Retail Stores